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Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in scientific research, production and sales. We are the research and development and production base specialized in admixture of southwest of China. We are located in the economic and technological development zone of Mianyang, covering an area of 30mu, with 8,000 square meters for actor building areas and 3,600 square meters for scientific research and laboratory. Our company has built a complete concrete admixture production line, chemical analysis and physical property laboratory, equipped with modern instruments for measuring and testing large-scale instruments and equipment. Our company has a strong research and development group consisting of professional doctors, masters and bachelors. The technical innovation platform of Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. can not only develop relevant products for different engineering projects, but also remold some traditional processing technologies of the related projects and products, improve the automation level of production line, accelerate the technical progress and upgrade the products by using high and new technologies so that the products can be more environmentally-friendly and have higher market competitiveness. Now, Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. possesses 100,000 tons of annual production capacity, and with 20,000 tons per year for the new concrete admixture (power), 30,000 tons per year for the new concrete admixture (water aqua) and 50,000 tons per year for the poly-carboxylate admixture. Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly conducts the synthesis of the third and fourth generation polycarboxylic acid super plasticizer and compounding production of polycarboxylic acid pumping agent. Comparing to the domestic product of concrete admixture naphthalene based concrete admixture, polycarboxylic acid super plasticizer has the advantages of high water reduction, high slump retention, low volume, low chlorine ion content and low alkali content. Our products have been highly praised by our customers with stable and reliable quality, good effectiveness and excellent performance and impeccable after-sales service. The concrete admixture products, such as swelling agent, water reducing agent, waterproofing agent, pumping agent and polypropylene fiber which are researched and developed by our company, have been widely used in the national defense scientific research project, high rise civil building, power plant, airport, subway, bridge, tunnel and other kinds of important engineering works and are highly favored by our customers. Nowadays, the marketing service network of Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has spread all over the country. We take excellent quality, perfect service and integrity management as core value and always provide our customers with super quality, competitive price and superior service. We have the wish that Tongzhou admixture can be the link of high quality projects. We strive to gain mutually beneficial development with our vast customers and to achieve brilliantness for our construction business.

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No.169 Tangxun East Rd.,Economic&Development District,Mianyang City,Sichuan Province,China

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