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24h Shadow-effect Services

Whole course follow-up of expert group / precise understanding of project progress / 24h attention over product operation / prompt problem repair;

More needs originating from intimacy and need;

With the development of construction field, more and more problems point to basis of service: not in advanced technology, not in product concept and not in macro scale;

If one enterprise still stays at pure product sale stage, it hasn’t found the way to success. Therefore, it can not stimulate impetus arising from customer trust;

International advanced technical system is one advantage of Ivy Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. which is playing a leading role in the industry. “Rapid response service system” with pre-sale and after-sale service embodies leading concept and powerful implementation capacity of the enterprise. Where, “Pre-sale 1215 service system” and “after-sale 131 service system” have responded to Ivy Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.’s commitment of “Technology Secure and Service Secure”, making the enterprise coming out top in the industry competition trend. Ivy Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. combines traditional culture with modern commercial culture, capable of stimulating employee passion and responding to customer requirements and providing pragmatic services in a responsible manner;

Improving impermeability and durability of concrete and extending service life of buildings;

Reducing project cost significantly;

Shortening construction period and reducing labor intensity;

Control your admixtures required within the shortest time and deliver them to the place of destination safely and steadily;

Whole-course follow-up service to control building construction problems and to improve plans from time to time.