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Core Technology

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Creation is the driving force of enterprise development. We are both production suppliers of high-quality products and participants in constructing high-quality projects with all customers - This is unique operation philosophy of Ivy Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Providing products with the most advanced science and technology is our utmost pursuit.

Ivy Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has mastered international advanced technology, established joint laboratory with Southwest University of Science and Technology, researched concrete admixtures with wide adaptability successfully with solid technical support, formed a “CRH precise technical system” taking into consideration of such external factors as region, area, climate, admixtures, environmental protection, etc. Company products taking it as the core can satisfy various special requirements of customers in a comprehensive manner.

Five revolutionary breakthroughs of international advanced temperature and humidity precision technology.

Revolutionary breakthrough 1: precise control of setting time

Commercial concrete mixing stations provide services to different construction projects per day with different distance. Initial setting time and final setting time of concrete can be mastered precisely according to construction distance of construction projects to realize customer benefit maximization.

Revolutionary breakthrough 2: precise understanding of climate change

The same region may have different types of complicated climate changes, for example, four seasons in a year, sunny days, rainy days, etc. We can master climate changes precisely to provide effective solution for each commercial concrete mixing station.

Revolutionary breakthrough 3: precise control of territorial environment

There is great difference between terrains in China, for example, south and north, east and west, Tibet and Shanghai, Harbin and Hainan, plateau operation and underwater operation. We can provide precise and comprehensive solutions to customers according to different terrains.

Revolutionary breakthrough 4: ultrastrong setting to improve performance

Compared with general admixtures, it can improve performance of sandstone and cement, provide effective solutions and realize commercial concrete mixing station maximization.

Revolutionary breakthrough 5: Green and environmental protection and benefiting future generations

Currently, the pollution situation in China is quite serious, some of which is caused by construction projects. We are dedicated to science and technology and environmental protection career, providing highly-efficient and energy-saving admixtures, keeping strict control over environmental protection and striving hard to provide personnel with much more healthy and environmental-friendly products.