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General Introduction

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Topdream, is created and owned by Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. shorted for Tongzhou Chemical, reputed as National High-Tech Enterprises, is a company widely renowned and in China.

As a customization-oriented company,Tongzhou Chemical integrates manufacturing with continuously invested R&D, has dedicated in delivery of the most suitable&reliable concrete admixtures for more than 20 years.

With various advanced detecting, inspecting and testing devices installed in more than 4,000 square meters R&D spaces such as chemical analysis Labs and physiological testing Labs, Tongzhou Chemical plant lies in a 20,000 square-meter layout including of installed concrete admixtures production-line complex and automatic units.

Tongzhou Chemical, branded as Topdream for the international market except in China, is currently booming everywhere in the world map. Topdream welcomes any possible cooperator, partner all around the world.


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