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Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Tongzhou), located at Science and Technology City of China (Mianyang), has an 18 years of specialized experience in research, production, and marketing of concrete admixtures. The manufacturing base of Tongzhou is more than 20000 square meters. Over the years, Tongzhou has been granted several awards & honors in China.

Tongzhou is a leading concrete admixture company in Chinese construction industry, with an annual production capability of 100000 tons of concrete admixtures, including polycarboxylate, naphthalene, aliphatic, and amino sufonate superplasticizers, as well as expansion agents. Besides, polymer fibers, such as polypropene fiber, are also produced for concrete at Tongzhou. Our products are widely accepted and praised by customers, which have been successfully applied in defense projects, high buildings, power plants, airports, subways, bridges, tunnels, and other important constructions. Most importantly, longterm and good partnerships have been built between Tongzhou and Tongzhou’s customers. 

          At Present,Sichuan Tongzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Tongzhou), has an annual production capability of 100,000 tons of Eco-friendly concrete admixtures.Our company has achieved several important certifications such as ISO90001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.With the establishment of product support,product delivery,and technical services systems,the qualities of raw material and products are strictly checked and controlled,and professional,personalized,all weather,and all round services are provided for our customers at any time.Besides,a unique responsibility system was also built to warrant or guarantee the time-lines of customer’s product needs and technical service requirements.