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Wet-Mixed Mortar Admixture SSSJ-A+B/AB

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Wet-Mixed Mortar Admixture SSSJ-A+B/AB

Product overview: the wet-mixed mortar admixture has incorporated into many type of high efficient material components of buildings, capable of realizing such excellent functions as relatively high moisture capacity, favorable peaceability and anti-cracking and anti-hollowing performances under the premise of without changing inherent performance of cement. After the product is added into mortar, working performance of mortar can be improved effectively, labor intensity can be reduced greatly, construction efficiency and project quality can be improved under the premise of satisfying strength index of mortar under different age so as to reach quite ideal effect.
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Product Description

Product Overview:

The wet-mixed mortar admixture has incorporated into many type of high efficient material components of buildings, capable of realizing such excellent functions as relatively high moisture capacity, favorable peaceability and anti-cracking and anti-hollowing performances under the premise of without changing inherent performance of cement. After the product is added into mortar, working performance of mortar can be improved effectively, labor intensity can be reduced greatly, construction efficiency and project quality can be improved under the premise of satisfying strength index of mortar under different age so as to reach quite ideal effect.

Scope of Application:

It’s applicable to mixed mortar for brickwork, internal and external plastering, roofs, terraces, highways, pools, pipes, etc. for various types of industrial and civil buildings.

As for SSSJ-A+B type mortar admixture, A is mortar water reducer which is mainly used to improve workability of mortar; B is mortar opening time conditioning agent, which is mainly used to adjust mortar opening time according to construction requirements.

As for SSSJ-AB type mortar admixture, A and B are combined together, which can adjust workability of mortar, improve peaceability of mortar and adjust construction time of mortar.

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