Slump Retention Type Concrete Admixtures

Item No.: TZ-GZ
Package:IBC tank or flexitank.
Delivery:3 days after order confirmed
Payment:TT and LC accpetable

1.What is Concrete Admixture High Range Water Reducers?
High range water reducers, often called super plasticizers, reduce the water content of a concrete mixture from 12%- 25%, and are used toincrease strength and reduce permeability. By reducing the water content or increasing the slump to retain flow without adding water. In most cases, super plasticizers contain silica fume. In some cases, high range water reducers may be added at the job site in a controlled manner.

Our main exported products and type:
1.PCE-high range water reducing type:TZ-GC
40% and 50% solid content.
2.PCE-Slump retention type,TZ-GZ
40% and 50% solid content.

2.Features and virtues
1.Excellent compatibility with various types of cements.
2.High water reducing rate, low dosage, and low slump loss.
3.Low chloride and alkali content, no corrosion to steel-bar.
4.High stability: no precipitation at low temperature.
5.Environmental friendly and nontoxic.
6.Cement paste fluidity more than 250mm,with a dosage of 0.1%
7.Short delivery time and good sales-after service

1.low dosage
2.high water reducing rate
3.low shrink rate
4.improves the liquidity of concrete greatly
5.keep long time construction performance, as well as ameliorates its peace ability and physics performance

4.Packaging, transportation and storage
1, this product is liquid, barrel seal to avoid rain and sundry into or moisture to evaporate run dry;
2, storage, transport process leakage, prevent sun, anti high temperature;
3.shelf life is 6 months, expire inspection qualified rear can use.
4.this product is no alkali liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-polluting products to the environment, but do
5.when contact with eyes, rinse as soon as possible